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About Unica Datacenters

About Unica Datacenters

Achieve optimum business continuity with Unica Datacenters
Unica Datacenters is the Dutch datacenter specialist. For more than 20 years now, we have been designing, building, maintaining and managing state of the art datacenters for clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. From KPN, Equinix, Microsoft, and Ziggo to Level3, Interoute, bol.com and Booking.com.

The success of Unica Datacenters is based on the Data Center Life Cycle model (DCLC model). The uptime of your datacenter is not determined by the individual components, but instead by the full chain of all components:

  • reduced costs
  • increased availability and 
  • you can concentrate fully on your core activities

Pick & Choose
Every customer has different requirements and wishes. We may support one by temporarily seconding one of our employees, or another by taking over the full management of a datacenter. With the modular ‘Pick & Choose’ approach you always get to select the service provision which suits you best.

Datacenter specialist
With Unica Datacenters you have a datacenter consultant to advise you regarding all aspects of datacenter management. Wantto know exactly how your current datacenter is performing? 

With the Data Infrastructure Scan we create a baseline measurement, including reporting and advice, which can be used as the basis for taking decisions regarding the next steps. 

Full uptime during (retro)fitting
Installing or modifying a datacenter? Unica Datacenters will take over all aspects for you. Rebuilding existing datacenters is one of Unica’s key areas of expertise. We upgrade your datacenter in a live environment to a state of the art environment. With Unica Datacenters your datacenter will meet the ‘best practices’, BICS, TIA-942-B, the EN 50600 guidelines and all applicable legislation and regulations. Certified installers deliver a business-critical environment so that you can keep your business running with 100% reliability. 

Everything taken care of
We can monitor your infrastructure day and night. Is the cooling system working as it should? Is the backup power supply available? Is the grid voltage correct? If a critical fault develops unexpectedly, our technicians will get to work immediately for you. Where necessary, we will first investigate during the agreed time, or if possible eliminate the fault directly. Unica Datacenters will make every effort to take over all aspects for you. 

With Rack Space Consolidation we set up your datacenter more efficiently. Do you need an additional 19 inch rack or power strip? We will be pleased to supply you with the materials you need from Rack and Stack services.

Some extra shine to our service? Your server room and datacenter form the digital heart of your organisation. Cleaning requires extra care. Deep Cleaning helps you prevent faults and defects. 

‘One-stop-shop’ solution
The design, construction, maintenance and management of a datacenter requires a high degree of expertise and involves a number of disciplines. From electrical and mechanical engineering work through to specialist knowledge of wireless and cabled network solutions. Unica Datacenters is part of the Unica Group and provides you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution. 

Want to achieve optimum business continuity with Unica Datacenters? Get in touch with Unica Datacenters.