Infrastructure Quick Scan

Infrastructure Quick Scan

Condition and effectiveness of your datacenter

With the Infrastructure Quick Scan you get a report regarding the condition and effectiveness of your datacenter infrastructure. You can select a on-off scan or a periodic repeat inspection and report. Every report provides conclusions and recommendations such as:

  • an insight into Quick fixes and possible savings and
  • advice regarding Single Point of Failures, MJOP and 24/7 Monitoring of infrastructure components.

But also how you:

  • can document the SCP (description of the design conditions of the complete infrastructure) and design setpoints
  • can arrange the access management for the user interfaces of equipment, rights and PW
  • optimise the infrastructure setpoints for partial load
  • prepare a hydraulic balance, a heat balance and a capacity balance and start up processes for capacity monitoring and adjustments.

After this you can:

  • have an Energy Quick Scan carried out and a follow-up investigation carried out by Unica Datacenters. This then provides you with C-level consultancy regarding the maturity of DC Operate organisation and DC business development.

The Infrastructure Quick Scan provides answers to questions at management and director level. For a datacenter manager the scan offers:

  • a check of settings and best-practice measures for infrastructure optimisation
  • input for setting up an SCP with documented setpoints
  • insight into the continuity risks 
  • support when selecting, justifying and implementing measures

For datacenter management, the scan offers:

  • a check of the condition and efficiency of the infrastructure by an independent third party
  • evaluation of short-term saving measures and comparison with best practices
  • advice for meeting the long-term efficiency and availability targets

For a datacenter compliance team the scan offers:

  • a demonstrably independent inspection, report and PDCA process

For a datacenter customer the scan offers:

  • independent advice from a third party regarding the effectiveness of the datacenter and/or energy performance and optimisation of the customer infrastructure