Certifications and hallmarks 

Unica maintains a high standard in all facets of technical services. That is why Unica regularly has its performance assessed and certified in numerous areas. This provides clients additional confirmation on Unica's expertise and commitment.

Unica has the following certifications: 

•    ISO 9001
•    ISO 14001
•    VCA (HSE checklist for Dutch building contractors)
•    SBIB (certificate of integrity for Dutch building sector)
•    Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
•    FIRA Rating System
•    Envirometer (environmental performance)
•    BRL 6000-21 (engineering work for ground-coupled heat exchangers)
•    Bodem+ (groundwork for ground-coupled heat exchangers)
•    EPBD (energy performance advice for non-residential buildings (EPA-U))
•    EPC: code of conduct for energy performance contracts
•    Fire Alarm Systems:Design & Delivery | Installing | Maintenance
•    REOB (certificate for fire extinguishers)
•    NFPA (fire safety)
•    BORG (certificate for security installation companies)
•    Criteria van Toezicht (certification for conducting electrical engineering inspections) 
•    F-gases
•    SCIOS (certification for conducting inspections of heating systems)
•    BRL 6010 (prevention of Legionnaires' disease)
•    ISO 27001
•    NEN 7510
•    ISAE 3402