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Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Continuity, safety and speed are key in the world of transport and logistics. Unica understands this and tailors its technological solutions to these priorities. Unica has in-depth knowledge and experience in optimising processes to increase the cost-effectiveness of operations at transport and logistics organisations, without compromising on safety, of course. 

From automation to fire protection

Logistic centres and the transport sector need to achieve high productivity to strengthen their competitive position. As a comprehensive supplier, Unica can support a wide range of solutions to increase productivity. This includes, for example, process automation, climate improvement, fire protection, ICT and energy solutions. By asking some specific questions, Unica can identify the core of the business processes and provide a suitable tailor-made solution. After all, every company is unique.

Sustainability counts

Of course, sustainability always counts when it comes to doing something for the environment and future generations. But sustainability also saves money. At Unica, clients benefit from solutions that are both sustainable and profitable and fit in well with the sustainability principles that play an increasingly important role in the transport and logistics sector.