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Public buildings are used by hundreds of employees, visitors and members of the general public. Every public institution wants to be an open and accessible institution and offer a pleasant environment to work and stay in. Having a well-functioning building is an important precondition for this.

Strong in the public sector

Research has shown that a good indoor climate has a significant influence on the job performance levels and overall atmosphere in a building. Unica is committed to facilitating healthy workspaces and reception areas, and we get the best out of public buildings through an integrated interplay of technological facilities. Unica has years of experience in constructing new buildings and renovating and managing existing buildings in the public sector, including town halls, offices, schools, swimming pools, museums, gymnasiums, etc. So government institutions can count on Unica's expertise and flexibility.

All facets of technology

Unica knows all the ins and outs of technology and is able to use that knowledge and experience in an inventive way. As an all-round technical building services provider, Unica takes care of every conceivable facet of building systems in public buildings. Examples include climate control systems, hot water and power supply, an intelligent ICT infrastructure, sanitary facilities, fire protection and complex security systems in a multi-purpose building with multiple users.

Single point of contact

At Unica, we provide single point of contact that gives government institutions access to all our engineering disciplines and solutions. Moreover, Unica understands how important it is to work quickly and quietly during the refurbishment of a public building or during maintenance work. Therefore, Unica carries out all activities in a way that creates as little inconvenience as possible for employees and visitors.