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Building Services

The management and maintenance work undertaken by the Unica Building Services cluster on the full range of building installations guarantee a comfortable, sustainable, healthy and safe work environment for its clients. With branches all across the Netherlands and a nationwide service organisation, this cluster is the most visible component of the Unica network. In 2021, the cluster broke through the 250 million euro revenue barrier, partly thanks to the acquisition of Pranger-Rosier. Adding the three Pranger-Rosier branches to its network helped Unica Building Services expand its activities in the Northern Netherlands. The nationwide network of branches now consists of 17 locations, including the companies Pranger-Rosier, Otte Installaties and Synto which are operating under their own name. Unica Building Services saw its margin improve steadily in 2021, after fully focusing its service provision on problem-free operations in line with the COVID-19 protocols. The cluster has an excellent future outlook based on large, multiyear maintenance contracts that will continue to be implemented over the coming years.

Unica Building Services' services

A sustainable, comfortable and safe building with excellent communication facilities. This is a key wish and responsibility of every building owner and employer. To achieve this, all building systems must be in top condition: from wall sockets to heating and air conditioning, from sanitary facilities to network infrastructure, and from fire protection and security systems to sunblinds. Maintaining and managing all this technology is an extensive but important task. Unica assists clients in this, so that they can focus 100% on their core business.

As an experienced and expert partner in technology, Unica is happy to take over the management of systems from its clients. Unica does nor than only fixing malfunctions, offering a comprehensive solution for technical building services. An integrated approach with the convenience of a single line of communication: Through Unica's dedicated client teams, clients have access to all multidisciplinary solutions for their building. In close collaboration with chain partners and clients, Unica advises on the management of all building systems. In this way, Unica really helps its clients in the area of safety, comfort & health, ICT and energy & sustainability.

Regardless of whether an organisation is based at one location or has several locations, clients have a single point of contact to arrange all their technical matters. With over 400 specialists at fourteen branches across the Netherlands, Unica is always close at hand to assist clients in the maintenance and management of their building systems.

Strong history in electrical and mechanical engineering

Unica first started out as a company that provided electrical and mechanical engineering services. Of course, services around the professional design and management of electrical and mechanical engineering systems continue to make up a key part of our activities.

Electrical and mechanical engineering systems are an essential part of any building and must therefore be professionally and properly installed so that a building has heating and lighting, sufficient power outlets, running water and sanitary facilities. Added comfort is provided by having good air quality, ventilated rooms and lighting that adjusts to the available daylight. These are logical prerequisites for any building, but making them a reality requires specialised knowledge and expertise to ensure that these systems function properly and efficiently.

Unica helps its clients to optimally define and achieve the required technical applications, from design and implementation to management. Based on our practical experience in numerous segments and up-to-date knowledge of all applicable legislation and regulations, Unica can share ideas about the best approach for the design and adjustment of installations to optimally reinforce the (core) processes of organisations. Also in terms of achieving efficiency and (energy) cost savings, Unica can contribute more than 80 years of experience in electrical and mechanical engineering. Reducing the CO2 footprint usually cannot be achieved overnight, but Unica can provide unique advice on this through a multi-year plan.

With the aid of a building management system, the operation of the systems in a building can easily be monitored day and night, even remotely. In this way Unica ensures, for example, that any malfunctions are quickly identified and fixed, so that clients can focus on their core business.

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