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Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

As a centre of knowledge for many aspects of the energy transition, the Unica Energy Solutions cluster supplies the expertise our clients need to achieve their sustainability targets. Services including energy consultancy, energy management, energy purchase and sustainable, future-oriented solutions for the built environment are essential for achieving climate goals. The cluster has maintained stable development in both revenue and return, and is a key strategic starting point for the implementation of sustainability measures by other clusters.

Unica Energy Solutions services

The built environment is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Unica helps to reduce CO2 emissions and the CO2 footprint. Unica's clients can count on well-functioning climate control systems, a low energy bill and a healthy indoor climate. But Unica does more than that: We also advise on sustainable energy solutions and energy procurement and we have years of experience in designing, advising on and handling the operation of buildings.
Organisations use a great deal of energy. Think of lighting, computers and the heating or cooling of rooms. That makes up for a large chunk of the energy bill. It pays to keep energy consumption and energy costs as low as possible. Unica integrates sustainable energy solutions to create a comfortable work environment with minimal energy and maintenance costs. Unica offers integrated comprehensive concepts in which energy advice, the development and realisation of energy-saving solutions and their management and operation are combined.

In Europe, it has been agreed that the built environment must be energy-neutral by 2050. This is a huge task in which collaboration, technological innovation and process optimisation play an important role. Unica closely follows technological developments and government guidelines and helps organisations on their way to an energy-neutral building through long-term partnerships. This way, sustainability becomes a win-win proposition, increasing the value of the building and improving comfort. Unica is eager to take up the challenge of helping its clients achieve their sustainable ambitions.

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Energy Procurement 

Unica advises clients on energy procurement and sustainability and supports the realisation of procurement advantages and energy savings. The Unica company Hellemans Consultancy, the market leader in the Netherlands with an annual procurement volume of over 10 percent of the business market, can assist you in the procurement of energy. We advise on procurement strategies and cost risks. We also help you select suppliers for sustainable energy generation, CO2 compensation and green certificates.

Hellemans Consultancy can act as your energy manager. We also conduct energy audits, assess the efficiency and costs of energy facilities and organise and supervise the implementation of energy-saving measures or sustainable energy generation.

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