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Industry and Engineering

Industry and Engineering

For Unica, one of the largest technical building services providers in the Netherlands, the engineering and industrial sector is an important part of our client base. Unica works with numerous clients in this versatile sector and provides integrated services tailored to their needs. Unica can provide support in industry solutions (process design, mechanical engineering systems, industrial automation, constructing and installing control panels), building system solutions (cleanrooms, ICT, technical management, fire safety, security and sustainable management) and process manufacturing systems.

Producing efficiently, safely and sustainably

Unica has years of knowledge of and experience in designing, creating and streamlining production processes. Unica has extensive experience in many sectors, including the process manufacturing and manufacturing industry, the machinery industry and water treatment. Unica's multidisciplinary project teams work with clients to implement smart process improvements in the design and operation of systems and the use of procedures. Unica can do this within an existing production process, but also to enable the expansion of production or the construction of a completely new production facility. By means of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Unica can also realise the intelligent layer between office and production automation Unica can also take care of the construction and optimal security of network infrastructure for both production and office automation.

Performance Guarantee

Where possible, Unica uses advanced 3D techniques in the design of all process manufacturing systems and building systems. In the construction process, efficiency is paramount and prefabrication is used where possible. Thanks to the management information system, it is possible to gain 24/7 real-time insight into the performance of the machines and systems from any location. In this way, a production process can be optimally controlled in terms of efficiency, raw material consumption and energy use. In addition to the convenience of a single point of contact, Unica offers a performance guarantee, continuity through maintenance and safety inspections and the certainty that processes comply with all legislation and regulations regarding machine safety (PL/SIL, ATEX 95), hygiene and traceability (including HACCP and EHEDG).