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ICT Solutions

As all-round ICT service providers, the Unica ICT Solutions cluster is responsible for the delivery, implementation as well as management and maintenance of ICT facilities for its clients. ICT services have been part of the Unica portfolio for more than a decade and have gradually acquired a more prominent position in the provision of service to the group’s clients. The acquisition of In2Scope has added a new dimension to the business applications portfolio, so that Unica ICT Solutions can now offer ICT applications to support business operations in more strategic areas. Revenue and return remained stable in 2021, despite the growing pressure on prices from key suppliers. In 2022 the Dutch IT secondment agency Working Spirit was acquired. As an important player in the Dutch ICT secondment market Working Spirt has more than 150 IT specialists at its disposal. The addition ensures a significant expansion of knowledge within this cluster and the introduction of secondment of IT specialists as a new service to customers.

Unica ICT Solutions services

Information and communications technology (ICT) have rapidly conquered the world. Today, almost all primary business processes run on fast processors and smart software. That applies not only to (mobile) devices, but also to an increasing number of other systems in buildings. Unica can support clients in ICT and office automation, such as through software, hardware and cloud and telecom solutions.

Unica can take care of the entire ICT chain by supplying, implementing, managing and maintaining ICT infrastructures. Through partnerships with software and hardware suppliers of premium brands and by providing independent advice, Unica can offer a broad portfolio with the most effective solutions for both ICT and telecommunications. Based on the conviction that ICT should work for users rather than the other way around, Unica not only focuses on the primary business process, but also on increasing employee satisfaction. 

In this way, Unica contributes to the business objectives of its clients. Through its twin datacenters, Unica helps with location and time independent working, strategic advice, implementations, ICT management, (mobile) telecom solutions and platform development.

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