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Every day, schools and universities provide education to prepare pupils and students for a bright future. A healthy climate in education buildings has a significant influence on learning outcomes. A healthy building also contributes to the comfort and well-being of pupils, teachers, employees and visitors. 

Smart and healthy education environment

Unica is committed to facilitating healthy and smart educational institutions, and we get the best out of education buildings through an integrated interplay of technological facilities. Unica has years of experience in constructing building systems for universities and other institutes of higher education, regional education centres, secondary schools and primary schools. Educational institutions can count on Unica's expertise and flexibility for the construction of new building systems, as well as the renovation, maintenance and management of existing systems.

All facets of technology

As an all-round technical building services provider, Unica can take care of all facets of building systems in education buildings. Examples are climate control and power supply systems, the realisation of a complete ICT infrastructure, fire protection, a professional kitchen system or a complex security system in a multi-purpose building with multiple users. Unica knows all the ins and outs of technology and can use its knowledge and experience in an inventive way.

Hidden force in education

Unica offers an integrated comprehensive service package and knows the market. As Unica counts many educational institutions among its clients, we understand what is important in education. Regardless of whether it concerns regular maintenance or (large-scale) refurbishments, Unica carries out the work as quickly and quietly as possible, so as not to jeopardise the continuity of education and to minimise any disruption to the daily activities.