Healthcare | Unica



Unica has been a valued partner for hospitals and other healthcare institutions for years. Regardless of whether it concerns a new-build or renovation project, management and maintenance; Unica can take care of all aspects of buildings systems management for healthcare organisations, enabling them to fully focus on their core business: providing healthcare. Unica is also a leader in innovative solutions for providing better care with fewer support staff. By sharing ideas about combining engineering and building physics at an early stage, Unica works together with hospitals and nursing institutions to optimise care.

Integrated services

Unica is a competent and reliable partner who can provide all facets of building systems services. In addition to services for traditional building systems, Unica also provides, for example, ICT and office automation, dust-free operating rooms (cleanrooms), water fog and sprinkler technology and general security for hospitals and nursing institutions. Of course, Unica is fully up-to-date on the latest innovations in the area of smart homes, remotely controlled lighting and sunblinds, personal alarms, nurse call systems, etc. Unica focuses on providing integrated building systems management services for hospitals and nursing institutions.

Smart and sustainable systems

Unica combines smart, sustainable technology with the opportunities offered by the environment. Think of cold storage in the ground, which means that no cooling machines are required, or using solar energy for heating. In its engineering solutions, Unica strives for sustainable added value for its clients. That means highly efficient systems that deliver maximum cost-efficiency while consuming at little energy as possible.