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Business and Financial Services

Business and Financial Services

The realisation and maintenance of building systems for office environments are core competencies of Unica. Unica has built, refurbished and renovated many office buildings for business and financial service providers. Clients can count on a solution that is fully tailored to the needs of office users. Unica offers integrated solutions for heating, lighting, data and telephony, as well fire protection, access security, ICT, building management systems and energy savings.

Low operating costs

When engineering and realising building system solutions in offices, Unica's starting point is that purchasing a system must be an attractive proposition, in terms of both the investment cost and operating costs. Unica is specialised in energy-efficient, maintenance-friendly systems with the lowest possible costs in the long term. Unica offers, for example, energy-efficient lighting, systems that provide heating or cooling with the aid of heat or cold stored in the ground, and advanced building management systems. Unica can manage the systems remotely if required, and in many cases we can fix any problems before they can lead to disruptions.

Renovation Projects 

Unica is also a suitable partner for the construction of new office buildings, as well as for the renovation of both empty and fully operational office buildings. In the latter case, Unica fine-tunes its work to the organisation's operational process, minimising the inconvenience to clients while improving the comfort and user-friendliness of the office building. Because Unica is well-versed in numerous engineering disciplines, clients can coordinate and realise all their requirements with one party.