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Sports, Culture and Hospitality

Sports, Culture and Hospitality

For a hotel, sports facility, theatre, wellness centre or swimming pool, customers of course always come first. Unica helps organisations in the sports, culture & hospitality sector with technical solutions so that their customers enjoy their facilities even more.

Unica keeps customer satisfaction high 

Unica is happy to share ideas about how buildings can remain as attractive as possible for guests and visitors. Unica provides comfort, security and ICT facilities in an energy-efficient and cost-efficient way. Regardless of whether it concerns a new building or the modernisation of an existing building, Unica has suitable solutions that can be implemented as quietly as possible. This way, guests can continue to enjoy the hospitality of our clients without any disturbance.

All facets of technology

As an all-round technical building services provider, Unica can take care of all conceivable facets of building systems. Examples range from climate control and power supply to an intelligent ICT infrastructure, and from pleasant air treatment systems to professional security systems. Unica has extensive experience in handling new-build and renovation projects and providing building systems management for museums, hotels, sports halls, theatres and swimming pools, and is familiar with the specific attention points in these sectors.