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Building Intelligence

Building Intelligence

The Unica Building Intelligence cluster ensures uniform control of all building functions through the integration of all technical installations, with intelligent building automation. There is a huge market potential for smart building applications of this kind, and Unica Building Intelligence is one of the largest providers of these services in the Netherlands. The companies Unica Building Automation, Regel Partners and Numan & Kant, that make up this cluster, achieve solid performance, and have contributed to the stable growth in revenue and return generated by the cluster as a whole.

Unica Building Intelligence services

The company Unica Building Automation regulates and integrates all systems in a building; from climate control to lighting and sunblinds. Through the correct regulation of heat, cooling and humidity, a comfortable ambient climate is created, ensuring that the building a pleasant place to stay in. 

With Unica Building Automation solutions, all building systems work together efficiently. You can count on reliable systems and low energy consumption. 

Measurement and Control Technology

Building systems must obviously function properly, but the comfort level they provide also gives an important boost to an organisation's work environment. With its measurement and control technology, Unica helps its clients to create a comfortable and innovative work environment. This includes, for example, climate control systems, sunblinds, lightening and security systems. Thanks to Unica's measurement and control technology services, all building systems work together efficiently. In this way, measurement and control technology can make an important contribution to making building more sustainable, increasing operational reliability and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Unica ensures comfort in every building and has been an authority in measurement and control technology and building automation for over 40 years. Unica ensures optimum control settings and integrations with all building systems in office buildings, as well as in high-tech environments such as hospitals, computer centres and industry. Good control technology increases comfort, improves air quality and achieves savings on energy costs.
Thanks to its broad knowledge of various engineering disciplines, Unica has extensive experience in optimising control systems. Unica takes care of the entire control engineering process, from advice and system engineering to management and follow-up services.

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Comprehensive Concept and Systems Integration

At the interface of building automation, technology, ICT and industrial automation, new opportunities constantly arise in the areas of innovation, efficiency improvement and cost savings. Through its independent specialised company Regel Partners, Unica advises on, delivers, implements and manages building automation solutions and offers independent systems integration solutions to effectively connect the various building systems.

Unica provides advanced building automation solutions that ensure a comfortable indoor climate and a sustainable building. Combined with data analytics and smart buildings, Unica offers comprehensive building automation solutions that create a pleasant environment for employees and visitors to stay in, and which greatly reduce the workload of the facilities manager. In addition, these solutions are an excellent investment for investors, as building automation usually increases the value of a building.

Unica realises a comprehensive integration of all existing building systems. That includes, for example, climate control, CCTV and fire alarm, burglary detection and access control systems. In addition to linking various systems, comprehensive intelligence is added to the systems to be integrated. This creates a wide range of functionality and information.

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