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Retail and Trade

Retail and Trade

Warm in winter, cool in summer. It may seem simple, but in the end that is the basic wish when it comes to the climate in shops and other commercial spaces. Automatically controlled heating, lighting that automatically adjusts to the available daylight and security systems that protect employees and clients. Unica takes care of this for its clients, so that retailers can fully focus on all other key aspects of entrepreneurship.

From access control to fire protection

It goes without saying that retail outlets or commercial spaces must comply with all kinds of statutory regulations, for example in the area of safety. As a comprehensive supplier, Unica can assist with this in many areas, including fire safety, access security and ICT solutions. Unica comes up with a suitable solution by asking specific questions to take stock of the wishes and situation of its clients. After all, every company is unique. Unica has extensive experience and flexibility in various technical fields, resulting in tailor-made solutions for shops and other commercial businesses. 

Sustainability counts

Of course, sustainability always counts when it comes to doing something for the environment and future generations. But sustainability also saves money. At Unica, retailers benefit from solutions that are both sustainable and profitable. That creates a good balance between the social role of entrepreneurs and their operating profits.