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With a network of companies and about 4,000 employees, Unica is one of the largest technical services providers in the Netherlands. The companies in the network operate independently, but at the same time work closely together in order to be able to offer clients integrated solutions. The organisational structure can be divided into three segments, supported by Business Services.

Building Services locations
Unica Building Services has an effective network of branches located all across the Netherlands, so a branch is always available nearby for our clients. Each branch has its own clients for whom it takes care of the management and maintenance of their building systems. For nation-wide clients, the branches obviously also work closely together. The companies Breedveld & Schröder, Hermans Elektra, Otte Installaties, Pranger-Rosier and Synto, operating under their own labels, are also part of Unica Building Services.

Regional Project Companies
The four regional project companies of Unica Building Projects are responsible for the building systems and the project management of new-build and renovation projects. They each have a regional responsibility and are based in the West, South and North-East regions of the Netherlands. 

Specialised Clusters
In addition to its regionally operating branches and project companies, Unica has a network of nationally operating specialised clusters. These are independently operating companies in which all knowledge of specific engineering specialisms is combined. These companies are active in areas such as fire protection, security management, (renewable) energy, datacenters, industrial solutions, measurement and control technology, ICT and office automation, building automation, energy procurement and industrial automation. These Unica companies work closely with the regional Unica branches to provide their services. 

The following specialised companies are part of the Unica specialised clusters:

Business Services
Unica's Shared Services departments provide central support in the areas of Finance & Business Control, Procurement & Supply Chain, Facility Management, HRM, Legal, Information Management, QHSE, Security & Risk and Marketing & Communications.