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Real Estate

Real Estate

The occupancy level of buildings is crucial for real estate owners. As an integral partner for building systems, Unica is happy to share ideas with owners to make and keep their buildings as attractive as possible. Key concepts in this respect are comfort, safety, sustainability and integrated services.

Integrated services

As an all-round technical building services provider, Unica can take care of all systems in and around a building; from climate control and power supply to extensive ICT infrastructure and computer connections. Unica is also the go-to service provider for real estate owners when it comes to air treatment systems or complex security systems in a multi-purpose building. Unica offers a comprehensive package and ensures that users experience as little disruption as possible to their daily operations. Unica therefore carries out maintenance or refurbishments as quickly and quietly as possible. 

Making real estate more sustainable

As one of the most sustainable technical building services providers in the Netherlands, Unica not only makes its clients' buildings more sustainable, but its own buildings, too. Unica's head office in Hoevelaken, for example, has been certified with a 3-star BREEAM-NL In-Use certificate. BREEAM provides insight into the current sustainability performance of buildings and the possibilities for further improving their sustainability. And that is necessary, because an important part of the sustainability challenge lies in tackling existing buildings.