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Access & Security

Access & Security

The level of service provided by the Unica Access & Security cluster is an excellent example of a specialisation in which Unica has acquired in-depth knowledge. This cluster continues to achieve stable growth in revenue and return. The addition of Nsecure to the cluster in 2017 was a textbook example of Unica’s acquisition strategy. The fundamental expertise offered by Nsecure in the field of access and control applications, in combination with other Unica companies, offers plenty of opportunities for expanding this specialisation into new domains. This process will be further elaborated in 2022, with the launch of Unica Smart Security, focussed on a new proposition for the middle segment. With the acquisition of security management company EAL from Apeldoorn, one of the leading service providers in the development and implementation of security management and access control systems, the Unica Access & Security cluster can deliver full service access & security management solutions, including R&D and managed services.

Unica Access & Security services

A secure work environment is an important aspect for every organisation, on which you obviously cannot afford to make compromises. Security solutions are an integral part of the technical services Unica provides for its clients.
Unica's security solutions enable translating complex corporate security tasks into efficient and manageable processes. Unica uses intelligent security solutions, for example by integrating systems for access security, communications, information security and facilities management. 

In addition to integrated Security Management Systems, Unica can also supply, implement and maintain stand-alone camera systems, burglary detection and access control systems and intercom facilities. Thanks to the combination of strategic advice, programming & commissioning, systems integration and remote management, Unica offers its clients a tailor-made solution. In addition to the applying knowledge and preferences of our clients, Unica also utilises the experience and expertise of various Unica companies that can play a role in achieving the security objectives of your organisation based on their specialisms.

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