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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

For clients, it’s very important that Unica safeguard their business continuity. That’s why Unica spends a lot of time on its stakeholders, strategy and oversight of the correct implementation of business processes. 

Staff are of paramount importance at Unica. Unica wants to be an attractive employer in its sector and offer staff longer-term opportunities and so build loyalty to the company.

An informal way of working, a flat organisational structure and a genuine team spirit are important to Unica. Fun, good communication and respect for each other are key at Unica. By working with our colleagues, clients and suppliers in multidisciplinary teams, Unica’s staff are able to deliver the best and smartest solutions. By inspiring each other, learning from one another and helping each other out, our staff achieve the best results and contribute to our slogan ‘Together we create the future’. 

The prevention and identification of safety risks are key points in Unica’s policy. That’s why Unica is one of the initiating companies behind the Governance Code ‘Safety in Construction’. Staff should not be exposed to potential risks, such as risks relating to electrical or other energy sources, fire, vehicles and fall hazards. These risks are managed through sufficient oversight. Safety is guaranteed through good procedures and ongoing safety training. If these things cannot sufficiently mitigate risks, staff are given suitable, well-maintained, personal protective equipment and educational material on the risks related to these dangers. Staff are encouraged to share any concerns about safety issues.

Code of Conduct
Unica's good reputation is a key foundation for future contracts and business relations. In order to maintain Unica's good reputation, all its operating companies and business units operate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. To clarify what is expected of employees, Unica has adopted a Code of Conduct which includes rules on how Unica employees should conduct themselves in the performance of their duties. The Unica Code of Conduct has been drawn up in accordance with the model of Stichting Beoordeling Integriteit Bouwnijverheid (SBIB). This foundation was founded by the organisation Bouwend Nederland in order to promote the integrity of the Dutch building sector.

The Integrity Reporting Procedure (Dutch: Meldregeling Integriteit) is part of Unica's Code of Conduct. These regulations describe what employees must do in the event of (suspected) business integrity violations and abuses and how any report of these will proceed. A confidential (anonymous) report can be made via the external independent portal

Ondernemingsraad 2024

Works Council
For policy implementation, Unica’s management holds regular constructive meetings with the works council. These meetings are held on both informal and formal occasions. 

The Unica Group works council comprises 19 members, all from different offices and companies in the Unica Group. The executive board comprises:

  • Wilbert van Abswoude – Chairman
  • Hans Verwijs – Deputy Chairman
  • Henny Curvers - Schoenmakers – Secretary

To contact the works council, email

Code of Sustainable Supply
Given its leading position as the Netherlands’ most sustainable technical service provider, Unica believes it is important that people and the environment are treated responsibly. That’s why Unica applies the Code of Sustainable Supply, as part of which its partners and suppliers also adhere to a sustainable and socially responsible way of doing business. The code contains agreements relating to work, health & safety, the environment, ethics and management. As such, the code includes articles on working hours, discrimination, safety on the work floor, sustainability and environmental matters, and integrity. All articles in the code are important for the responsible and sustainable way of doing business that Unica applies in all its work.

Unica’s partners must sign the Code of Sustainable Supply when concluding a framework agreement or contract. It goes without saying that Unica also applies the agreements in the code. 

Together with its clients and partners, Unica uses its position as the Netherlands’ most sustainable technical service provider to offer a wealth of solutions and initiatives that have a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions, the reuse of available material and the more targeted use of available resources. 

Energy neutrality, i.e. the energy transition, and the circular economy are topics that Unica promotes in different ways, e.g. by making the built environment sustainable and innovative and signing the Green Deal. Unica has set up a Sustainability Board within its organization in which the expertise is bundled around circularity, energy, supply chain, certification and business development and where the activities of Unica are provided with ambitions and goals based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Unica has high standards for all aspects of our services, which is why we allow our business to be assessed and certified in a number of areas. For clients, this offers additional confirmation of Unica’s expertise and commitment.

For an overview of all of Unica’s certifications and quality marks, click here.

Chamber of Commerce numbers of Unica 
Unica Groep B.V. CoC no. 05068404
Unica Access & Security B.V.  CoC no. 24255898
Unica Building Automation B.V.CoC no. 05020679
Unica Datacenters B.V.CoC no. 06022065
Unica Energy Solutions B.V.CoC no. 17051074
Unica Fire Detection B.V.CoC no. 92736726
Unica Fire Safety B.V.  CoC no. 59207426
Unica ICT Solutions B.V.CoC no. 50170759
Unica Industry Solutions B.V. CoC no. 59207299
Unica Installatietechniek B.V.CoC no. 05020680
Unica Special Security Projects B.V.CoC no. 65306120
Applicom Nederland B.V.CoC no. 61775835
Boele Fire Protection B.V.CoC no. 27154660
Brainpact B.V.CoC no. 12033508
E.A.L. Electronic Application Laboratory (Apeldoorn) B.V.CoC no. 08028723
Electrotechnisch Installatiebedrijf Breedveld & Schröder B.V.CoC no. 33002516
Eljes Infrastructurele Projecten B.V.CoC no. 32151355
Engine Competence Services B.V.CoC no. 62006010
Equu B.V.CoC no. 70778744
Fire Safety Projects B.V.CoC no. 73555819
Gerco Brandpreventie B.V.CoC no. 29020504
Hellemans Consultancy B.V.CoC no. 32085098
Hermans Elektra B.V.CoC no. 33157601
Installatiebedrijf Otte B.V.CoC no. 01031372
Numan & Kant B.V.CoC no. 24299077
PCT International B.V.CoC no. 17137993
Pranger Rosier Installaties B.V.CoC no. 01035609
Pro-Fa Automation B.V.CoC no. 17197644
Red Profs B.V.CoC no. 64946738
Regel Partners B.V.CoC no. 08074229
Synto B.V.CoC no. 22028860
Tenergy Consultancy B.V.CoC no. 01084737
Tenergy Engineering B.V. CoC no. 57369321
Tenergy Portfolio Services B.V.CoC no. 01104644
Van Kempen Koudetechniek B.V.CoC no. 11025995
Van Kempen Service B.V.CoC no. 11025996
Working Spirit ICT B.V.CoC no. 08171359

Terms and Conditions of Delivery
Deliveries of goods and services are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Delivery of Installation Companies (Algemene Leveringsvoorwaarden Installerende Bedrijven (ALIB) 2024 (General Terms and Conditions of Delivery of Installation Companies 2024), or the ALIB 2007 (General Terms and Conditions of Delivery of Installation Companies 2007). In the agreement is defined which version of the ALIB applies.

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