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Digital technology, the internet and data make life easier and more fun in many ways. As an architect of datacenters, Unica has many years of experience in building and maintaining these high-grade, complex ICT environments where digital technology comes together. Security, sustainability and availability are key here.

Cross-border services

Datacenters are special buildings because they contain high-grade ICT technology. Thanks to its powerful network infrastructure, the Netherlands leads in this segment. Unica recognised early on that datacenters were the future, and has been building datacenters for a global client base since 2001. Unica understands complex technical environments and supports the full life cycle of datacenters. We offer our clients infrastructure environments from A to Z and provide integrated and cross-border services for international clients. 

Reliable and energy-efficient

A major challenge for the future is to make datacenters as secure, reliable and energy-efficient as possible. High availability is important to prevent that public life is disrupted, as the availability of data networks is now crucial for many public services. The security of systems and data is, of course, a top priority. In addition, Unica tries to limit the energy consumption of datacenters as much as possible. This requires lifecycle management, far-reaching chain integration and collaboration with all parties involved in the construction and management of a datacenter. 

Unica is specialised in handling the entire process of designing, building and managing of datacenters.