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Unica: Together we create the future


Unica excels in providing integrated services. First we listen to the wishes, needs and experiences our clients have in relation to their buildings. We are then happy to share our extensive expertise in the areas of energy, ICT, security and electrical and mechanical engineering. Together with our clients, we arrive at a high-quality, tailor-made solution that meets all requirements in the areas of comfort, safety, communications, sustainability, healthy buildings and cost savings.

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Our network of companies


Unica Building Projects
Your technology partner for new build and renovation projects. The integrated solutions offered by Unica Building Projects consider a building’s entire technical framework. To make it easy for you, we also offer all the services of the companies in our network as a total solution package. Whether your project is for a new build or a renovation, Unica will coordinate everything from A to Z and be your single point of contact.

Unica Building Services
Professional management and maintenance of your technical installations. Unica Building Services manages and maintains all building-related installations to ensure a comfortable, sustainable, safe and healthy environment. We coordinate the entire management and maintenance of your building. We also carry out checks and inspections. We’re ready for you, night and day. With 14 offices across the Netherlands, we’re always close by.

Unica Fire Safety
Specialist in fire safety systems. Unica Fire Safety’s solutions help keep society safe from fire. We’re at the ready, with different fire safety-related services, like advising on, designing, installing and realising fire safety systems, and providing effective management of your (existing) systems. Our fire safety solutions can be found in new build projects but also in newly renovated buildings. Unica Fire Safety is also the specialist in sustainable water spray fire safety.

Unica Security
Security solutions that protect people, property and buildings. Nsecure and Unica Security both fulfil Unica Security’s security services and help protect people and property against unsafe situations. We are a security specialist and consultant, and we design, implement and manage customised security solutions. We link different systems, so that you have a single, transparent security management system. We are a reliable partner, available 24/7.

Unica Building Automation
An optimal, comfortable and sustainable ambient atmosphere in your building. Unica Building Automation controls and integrates all installations in a building – from climate control to lighting and blinds. Our solutions ensure the right amount of heat, cold and air moisture, and create a comfortable ambient atmosphere for a pleasant stay in your building. You can also count on us for reliable installations with a low energy consumption rate.

Unica Energy Solutions
Your partner for renewable energy. Unica Energy Solutions’ renewable energy solutions make buildings healthy and energy-neutral. Come to us to make your building completely sustainable. We design and implement renewable energy installations and are an energy service company. The independent Unica company Hellemans Consultancy is your energy manager and will support you with your energy procurement, administration and management.

Unica ICT Solutions
Your partner for (cloud) solutions for office automation. A robust telecoms and ICT infrastructure supports your operating processes. Unica Schutte ICT fulfils the services of Unica ICT Solutions and specialises in office automation, including infrastructure, management, and fixed and mobile telephony. We are convinced that ICT should work for you as opposed to the other way around. We offer you the best and most efficient ICT and telecoms solutions and services from our own secure data centres.

Unica Industry Solutions
Your production process optimised. As a specialist in industrial automation and services, Unica Industry Solutions provides solutions for the processing, manufacturing and water industries. We’re the system integrator that can get your different production technologies to work together. Our specialised company Pro-Fa Automation focuses on manufacturing execution systems that ensure the total optimisation and quality monitoring of your production process.

Unica Datacenters
Your specialist for setting up datacenters and networks. Unica Datacenters design, build, maintain and optimise datacenters. Our datacenters are state-of-the-art, futureproof and
sustainable. Big or small, simple or complex: we’ll solve all your datacenter challenges. Our services also include setting up certified networks, both cabled and wireless.

Regel Partners
Your complex building management systems made easy. The independent Unica company Regel Partners is an independent system integrator of (complex) building management systems. We take care of the design, the construction, the implementation and the management. Our systems link into several other systems, such as HVAC, Intelligent Building Technology, fire safety and security installations, in a single total design. The advantages of this integration are maximum system alignment, a clear overview and convenience.