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Innovation in the sprinkler industry

Sprinkler Innovation

Welcome! Download our presentation from the ESFN conference.To receive this presentation, fill out your details in the form. Once submitted, we will e-mail you the presentation you requested. Scroll down on this page for more information about the First Responder Sprinkler (FRS) and Sprinkler Integrity Test (SIT).

About the First Responder Sprinkler

Fire sprinklers are not applied in every building (only 3% in Western Europe) Why is that, because there are so many benefits: life safety, effective installation and minimize fire damage. But also there are limitations. The installation must be able to spread/disperse large quantities of water in order to control a fire. Therefore a large water supply and pump are required. This has a big impact on the building. At Unica Fire Safety we have been researching the further development of fire sprinkler technology. Our goal was to develop an innovative fire sprinkler system that is capable of fighting fires even more effectively and efficiently.

The First Responder sprinkler combines fire detection and fire sprinkler technology. The system consists of open sprinklers that are connected to a network of intelligent temperature sensors that continuously monitor the surrounding temperature. In case of a fire, the temperature sensors will detect any abnormal temperature increase in their vicinity. Utilizing the sensor data, the system can determine the exact location of the fire. Then, based on the speed and rate of the temperature development, either one or several fire sprinklers will be activated simultaneously.

Video First Responder Sprinkler

Watch the video to learn more about the First Responder Sprinkler (FRS).

About the Sprinkler Integrity Test (SIT)

Fire sprinkler standards such as the NFPA, FM and TB80 require that sprinklers are replaced over time, or that a sample of the sprinklers is tested instead. Unica has developed a new, innovative method to test the functionality of fire sprinklers on-site: the Sprinkler Integrity Test.

For the SIT-test, we use a mobile test device that is placed over the fire sprinkler. With special software and a professional heater, the temperature inside the box/unit will slowly be increased, until the sprinkler gets activated. During the test we will check whether the sprinkler activates within the required temperature range, and also whether sufficient water comes out. This way, we can tell if the piping is clear of any obstructions.

We have realized the Sprinkler Integrity Test at this references:

Video Sprinkler Integrity Test

Watch the video to learn more about the Sprinkler Integrity Test (SIT)

Why do I choose Unica Fire Safety?

There are a number of reasons to choose an innovation from Unica Fire Safety. 

  1. Simple: With the First Responder Sprinkler (FRS) and the Sprinkler Integrity Test (SIT), a separate fire alarm system is no longer necessary
  2. Only supplier: Unica Fire Safety is the only installer that can supply and install the First Responder Sprinkler (FRS) and Sprinkler Integrity Test (SIT) 
  3. Partnership: From design to realization in consultation with your organization
  4. Reliable: We keep our promises. In this way, your planning is completely in order
  5. One of the largest technical service providers in the Netherlands: At Unica Fire Safety, we provide a total package of fire safety solutions, including innovations
  6. Quality and sustainability: Wide range of technology for a longer-term solution